• Fuego - I built a Rails-powered API that scrapes California wildfire data and creates a JSON API of fires by county. I then built a JavaScript frontend called "Fuego" that consumes the API and maps the results. Fuego source | Calfire JSON API source. DISCLAIMER: This is still in active development so excuse my mess.

  • Gastown - While visiting Vancouver, BC, I found a data set of rental properties in the city that have five or more bylaw issues. I decided to map the data but with a twist: The app purely relies on the CSV provided by the city government. Rather than store the data in a database, I used Miso Dataset to call the CSV into the client and map from there. This was an experiment in quick hit data mapping, i.e., building a news tool that relies on the browser. As always, source on Github.

  • The SF Appeal - I worked with long time friend and Appeal founder Eve Batey to bring her online newspaper into 2013. Taking a WordPress theme template, we gutted it and made something that I personally think looks pretty sweet.

  • Proper Coffee - A Backbone app that displays proper ratios for espresso drinks. This app combines my love of coffee with my love of code. Though without a backend, the app looks pretty cool (to me anyway). Take a look. Source on Github.

  • ClearCache.js - Bookmarklet to clear page cache. Mostly used by me for production speed at Los Angeles Times. Drag to your browser's bookmark bar and click on it to ... clear the cache. Click on it here for a demo >> Drag this

  • Box Office - I wrote a small Sinatra app that generates interactive charts based on weekend domestic box office estimates. The final chart is embedded within the Sunday box office story written by Times' Company Town reporters (example). The app uses Miso Dataset, Highcharts and Amazon S3. Source on Github.

  • Tagged Corporate Site - While working as a marketing intern for Tagged, Inc, I was asked if I wanted to take a stab at redesiging their aging corporate page. I worked with the design firm RHDG on the look and feel of the site. From there, I took their PSD files and used the excellent Roots WordPress framework to bring the designs to the web. This was my first forary into client web work.

  • The Golden Gate Xpress - My college pet project. The redesign of the San Francisco State University platform. Uses WordPress and a bunch of other nifty stuff.


The following articles were published in print only and thus do not have online records. I stored them in Gist for safe keeping.